SYBO: Development in a fast paced team

The growing Danish game-design company Sybo Games has managed to preserve the cosiness of a smaller company, while dynamic work-assignments and great collegial diversity has emerged as the company has grown.

By focusing on a strong community, SYBO has managed to retain the sense of working in a small size company where everybody knows each other. Combined with the opportunity to influence your own work, it has become a winning combination, surging the Danish company forward in a fast pace. A pace, which is only amplified by the joint passion for games shared between the employees of SYBO.

A winning combination

When working at SYBO, you become a part of a well-knit family that honors social activities and unity. It requires an added effort, as the company is characterized by a large volume of international employees, creating great diversity. Meanwhile, SYBO is in a phase, which creates big opportunity for personal development and experience in different areas of the company – Sebastian Trelles is a great example of this.

Sebastian Trelles is originally from Uruguay but has lived in Denmark for the past four years. Prior to his employment at SYBO, Sebastian completed degrees in computer science and game-design. During the past year that he has been working at SYBO, he has already seen his responsibilities change.

From data management to prototyping

Sebastians first area of responsibility consisted of managing game data. Here, he was responsible for adjusting the variables of the game, observe user reactions and readjust.

After eight months he switched over to the prototyping team where he has been ever since. The change has made his work more dynamic as prototypes are developed, tested and evaluated in a process, which only takes a few weeks before moving on to the next process.

“We are learning a lot about how to treat different game ideas and how to approach different genres. It is pretty dynamic because the teams are small and the processes are fast. I think this is a great way of doing things and it’s cool to be a part of,” says Sebastian.

Pure cosiness

At SYBO “cosiness” is similarily an important hallmark. The company puts a virtue in establishing a cozy place to work with a strong social unity and room to sit down and discuss anything that comes into mind – a quality highlighted by Stephen Dyva.


Pure cosiness. Stephen on the left with Sebastian on the right

Stephen studied on the animation school in Viborg. After an internship at SYBO he was offered to stay. Today he is primarily working with 3D graphic and has been with the company for over 3 years.

“As an example, last Friday we had a Counter-Strike evening at the office. Here, we were sitting enjoying ourselves and playing Counter-Strike. We also do other activities, such as board-game-night combined with a bar, or more physical activities, such as running, says Stephen.

The effect is clearly showing among the questioned employees, who both see their future in SYBO Games.

“I experience that you actually want to stay at work. Getting up in the morning is no problem, because you’re looking forward to getting into work. You look forward to meeting your colleagues, but you also look forward to get something done. Not many companies can say that about themselves so I am planning to stay at SYBO Games.” Stephen concludes.

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