Viking Bus # Day 2 – Countdown to the semi-finals: Meet the Viking Bus teams and startup ideas

The second day of Startup Bus Europe found the Vikings heading south to Cologne and working in a frenzied pace to build functional prototypes and practice pitches that are going to overpower the judges on Sunday’s semi-finals and hand them in the ticket to Paris.

Halfway our seven-hour descent to Cologne we stopped in Munster to fuel up and do some business model testing. Now, it’s time that the teams get out of the bus and go find out what their customers have to say about their product. After testing some of their business assumptions teams get back in the bus to Cologne where we will work for the rest of the day and evening hosted by World Business Dialogue. There, we work with loud music, pizzas, beer and great excitement. There is champagne on the desk. It’s launch time. We are going live!

Meet the teams

We are counting down to the semi-finals where the Vikings are going to compete with the German teams and with each other for a seat to the finals. Prototypes are launched or are about to and some have spurred already the interest of potential customers. Get to know the Viking Bus teams and find out what they are working on!

Even though a Viking Bus, it is dominated by the Dutch including last year’s Startup Bus Europe winners — Mike and Seb. There is a fair representation of the other side of the Atlantic with people from San Francisco, Louisiana and Michigan. We have also people from London and Copenhagen.

Start it Up TV
The team of Thom, Tommy and Heidi is an international television production company that aims to add entertainment to intellectual productions and vice versa. With experience in video-making for Startup Bus and a total of 15 years of video production experience, Start it Up TV will shoot a documentary series of 6 episodes for the Startup Bus USA in spring 2013. The concept of the Startup Bus doc series will be fully developed and ready to be sold to big broadcasting companies. At the semi-finals we will see their first teaser.
Goal for the semi-finals: Present a teaser for the doc series and get people excited about it.

Stafford, Mike, Hans, Carlos and Daniel are building a multi-platform application for families to make children more responsible and parents more involved. It facilitates building responsibility and help within the family through reward. It is built upon the issue of children not being acknowledged for their help at home. This is how it works: the child takes a photo before and after completing a chore, sends it to his or her parents and they reward them through a variety of ways.
Goal for the semi-finals: Prepare a visual demonstration of the app and show the audience what the possibilities are.


Joe, Josh, Patrick and Thomas created Plinq which is the easiest way to learn how to play music online. Plinq uses the user’s knowledge of touch-typing to teach them how to play songs that their friends like. Songs can be recorded and shared on facebook. Users will learn to play a tune from their favourite songs in a fun and contemporary way within a few seconds.
Goal for the semi-finals: Launch the prototype and they want people in Clusterhaus to use Plinq and have fun


Sander, Thor and Mark aspire to turn the real estate market around with an online service that allows people sell and buy houses in a cheaper and more efficient way bypassing real estate agencies. Contrary to the current situation on the real estate market, Amordomus switches the focus on the buyers by letting the sellers find the right buyers. This service can cut down the service costs up to 80%.
Goal for the semi-finals: Present a functioning demo demonstrating the benefits of the service


Looking forward to their final pitches!

Eleftheria Karyoti

Eleftheria is a blogger at Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam
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