TechBBQ 2014 is served today!

Truly a celebration of Danish tech startup is happening at the CBS premises today. TechBBQ2014 is fully on! The morning session that focused on early startup track came to an end just a few minutes ago. But what a great start of the day it was!

Tine Thygesen welcomed on the stage founders of some prominent Danish startups who had some nice stories to share. We heard from Morten Strunge of Mofibo, Christian Steffensen of Kyrkaweb, Martin Ferro-Thomsen of Conferize, Mads Lund, Drinkster, and Morten Weber, CBIT.

When running a startup
Martin Ferro-Thomsen gave four interesting insights:

  1. Hell is other people. You have to pick the right people to work with. And how to go about it if you made a wrong choice? Go with your gut feeling and do you preparations first.

“I actually did some personality tests before getting into partnerships. It is important to get diversity, find someone who loves doing something you hate.”

  1. Be authentic – be yourself but do something what is not expected
  2. Be realistic about your stage to bring your business forward. Don’t concentrate on the wrong things.
  3. Start. Idea without action is worth nothing.

Morten Weber gave yet another example of ideas being born in the most unexpected ways. He started his idea based on Oktoberfest. A tip from him about going into new markets:

“it is about adapting to the local culture, meeting people and making friends.”

Crowdfunding pros and cons
The startup session was wrapped up by a panel of startups that succeeded in kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns. The consensus on crowdfunding experience: it is a great idea validation and excellent explore to customers and investors. But crowdfunding comes with the burden of the crowd.

“You are vulnerable and it is a tough getting criticism. Backers don’t always understand the process. It might seem very straightforward, as if it is from A to B, when you make something it is messy.”

They key to a successful campaign is to have a good story.