TechBBQ 2014 – extra spicy

In keeping with tradition, TechBBQ will once again be opening up the charcoal grill to social bonding, grilled food, and great company. This time, we have added an extra spice to the event, and the entrepreneurial lighter fuel is ready to light up the flames of exchanging experiences.

The date has been set. In late spring, we will be throwing TechBBQ 2014. The well-reputed BBQ will be kicked off on 20 May in Porcelænshaven in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

This time, the event will be even greater. We offer you a day that’s filled with BBQ, networking, workshops, and great stories.

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We already have a range of very skilled guest speakers, who are ready to share their important experiences and personal stories – expect to enjoy a lot of entrepreneurial goodies in smoking hot surroundings.

Extra spice on the start up steak

One of the familiar faces that will step onto the scene in front of the anticipating entrepreneur crowd is the prominent debater and managing director of the Danish “Iværksætterfonden”, Asger Aamund, who, on top of this, is an experienced and professional entrepreneur and top business professional.

Iværksætterfonden” will be providing 2 billion Danish kroner to Danish growth entrepreneurs, because – as Asger Aamund puts it – entrepreneurs are the salvation of Denmark.

He will be accompanied by just as well-respected and insightful profiles of the entrepreneurial world, including Tim Vang (, Tommy Ahlers (Podio), Gregers Kronborg (Northzone Ventures), Martin Frid-Nielsen (Soonr), Johannes Gadsbøll (Whiteaway), Morten Weber (CBIT), and Mads Lund (Drinkster).

These acknowledged business profiles will not be the only ones representing the keynote set-up, as we will continuously be adding new prominent and exciting speakers to the list, up to the event set for the sunny and warm spring.

“Our tagline is ‘Double up and extra spicy”, and we hope to live up to this. We want to create something that is even bigger and spicier than last year. This year, we will include even more successful Danish case stories”, says co-founder of TechBBQ and founder of Trendsonline, Daniel Laursen.

What started as a cosy day in Fælledparken

On a random day in 2010, four entrepreneurial friends decided to make use of the great weather to get together and have a good time. Martin Bjergegaard, Klaus Nyengaard, Esben Gadsbøll, and Daniel Laursen quickly agreed that they would repeat the day and decided to copy the success, now with more participants than the number attending the previous event.

We really want other Danish startups to share their different success stories. We really want more Danish startups to step onto the international “hunting grounds”, and it is important that we offer new entrepreneurs even more at TechBBQ 2014, both in the form of talented and acknowledged keynote speakers and with focus on beneficial workshops.”

TechBBQ was carried out for the first time last year and took place in historic surroundings at the headquarters of Danish newspaper Børsen that’s located in the center of Copenhagen. The positive feedback from this event left no doubt that the event had to be even greater in 2014. This promise highly seems to have been kept.

The goal for TechBBQ 2014 is to offer attendants an even greater experience with the exchange of experiences, to double attendants’ chances of creating network relations, and to double the speaker time of people from the entrepreneurial world and business professionals.

I look forward to seeing a packed CBS (Copenhagen Business School) in Porcelænshaven, to listen to all of the positive stories of how people have found co-founders and investors. I just look forward to giving something back to startups and ensuring that we will see even more digital entrepreneurs with international potential, “ explains Daniel Laursen with his eternal enthusiasm for the ‘pay-it-forward’ mindset.

A gourmet-packed programme

  • The first course will be ‘Startups’, consisting of good stories, added with new perspectives and drive.
  • The main dish has been entitled Growth and will consist of stories and inspiration of well-established founders who share their good experiences and success stories.
  • For dessert, we will be serving ‘Big Business’ making up the sweet créme de la créme of entrepreneurial sovereigns, where you will among other things get to enjoy a sprinkling of Whiteaway.

The entire service will be rounded off with barbecue marinade and greasy fingers, when we offer real protein foods with transverse “groove burnings”. During the entire event, you will get plenty of opportunity for valuable network expansion and communicating with others of the Danish startup environment’s ecosystem.

Bon Appétit from TechBBQ! 

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