Talented entrepreneurs create new hub – Startup Village CPH

Founders House is moving to Islands Brygge and creates a new innovative tech+ hub – the startup village of Copenhagen. Managing Director Zenia W. Francker tells us more about the new startup village.

Islands Brygge’s historic warehouses used to be the headquarters of FDB, who stored and transported products to all of Denmark via direct tracks to Copenhagen Harbor. In recent years, the area has increasingly become the home of tech startups, and today it’s officially going all tech.

Founders House is moving out of the Copenhagen apartment building that has been their home for three years, to a new chapter and an even more ambitious vision for the Copenhagen startup community.

Talented entrepreneurs helping each other

Now, talented entrepreneurs are not only working side by side inside the house, but outside the building, as they are placing themselves in an entire village with Danish companies such as Vivino, Graduateland and Opbeat.

“We like to see it as a tribe of startups building companies side by side and helping each other succeed. We hope to see the entire startup community out there and love to support the community around us with tech events and social stuff where people can network, make businessand have fun. You’re always welcome – just reach out,” says Zenia W. Francker to

Close proximity is key

Having to have all these ambitious startups with offices side by side increase knowledge sharing and in turn speed up growth of the individual companies. All serious tech startups are welcome, both to take up offices at Njalsgade, now called Startup Village, and to join the many tech events and social stuff arranged so people can network, do business and have fun.

“Founders House will have 700sqm in cozy and inspiring surroundings in a converted warehouse – specifically and personally designed according to what we believe is a second home for startups.”

The startups who will move in here are selected for their talent and shared values of ambition and passion.

The new Founders House is open for you

The new home of Founders House is a cool converted warehouse designed for providing the ideal conditions for startups; you focus on growing your business and Founders House takes care of the rest. There is 5 open spots at competitive prices, so if you fit that description you get in touch.

Startups with office in the new Startup Village:

Shape Vivino Conferize Nabby TightDB Bellmetric
Opbeat Graduateland Birdback Boligsurf Anker Studio 8pen
Everplaces Kirkeweb August-Hemmingsen HelloWorldMobile Planday
Labster BodyBarista MeeWee Driversnote Riidr Autobutler
Open Flow Pinstriped Pocket Risk SNIPS WannaSport Nodes

Updated May 23rd.

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